Working well with business


Building workforce health and resilience


Facilitating sustainable change

Building wellness from within

At Rightway, we provide practical solutions to the wide range of wellbeing issues facing employers and employees today. If you’re looking for ways to give wellness a higher priority within your organisation, we can help.

Success stories

Discover how we’re helping organisations large and small reap the benefits of a healthier workforce

The wellness system

Senior teams

It starts here

  • Working directly with senior teams
  • Identifying strategic goals
  • Making the business case

Policies and practices

The structural underpinning

  • Reviewing policies against a wellness framework
  • Uncovering practices and perceptions on the ground
  • Maximising wellbeing potential


Making change happen

  • Assessing needs
  • Training health champions and managers
  • Engaging and educating employees

Proven success

We’ve proven the success of our wellbeing techniques in organisations in the private, public and educational sectors and with workforces of between 4 and 15,000 staff.

The reason our techniques work is because we:

  • Base everything we do on sound research
  • Integrate wellbeing into business strategy
  • Set out to make a lasting impact

Our approach


Our experienced team cover every aspect of designing and implementing a wellbeing initiative, from helping you make the business case right through to working with teams and individuals on the ground.

Services include:

  • Strategic consultancy to help you define a wellbeing strategy that supports organisational goals.
  • Reviews, surveys and audits that show where change is needed and what that change might look like.
  • Practical interventions including health checks, training courses, short seminars and one-to-one coaching.

Wherever you need support, we can step in.

Methods that work

Everything we do is based on proven approaches and techniques, so you can prioritise spending for the greatest benefits. No fingers-in-the-air, no fads, no fluff. Simply evidence-based guidance and training provided by subject matter experts who also have practical experience of managing people in the workplace.

Our focus is always on finding ways to help you create a culture of ‘wellness from within’ – because it’s only when wellbeing becomes part of the fabric of the organisation that you see lasting change.

Concerned about cost?

It takes only a tiny gain to offset spending on wellbeing and start to see a clear financial return. After all, how much would a 1% reduction in sickness and staff turnover save your organisation (this year, next year and the year after)? That’s before you factor in the cost of reduced productivity from people off sick, feeling stressed, demotivated or unwell.

There’s a clear financial justification for ongoing investment, too. To keep staff noticing and appreciating efforts, it’s important to make continuing improvements. Otherwise, engagement and productivity gains can disappear – and competitor grass starts to look greener again.

On top of this, an investment in improving wellbeing and building resilience strengthens your organisation’s ability to win through in the face of future challenges: Brexit, disruptive technology, mergers and the rest. If one thing’s certain, it’s that life at work won’t be getting easier any time soon.