Rightway today

Rightway is a well-established wellbeing training and consultancy services business working with organisations in both the private and public sectors. We deliver strategic, targeted and cost-effective wellbeing programmes designed specifically for each organisation.

Where we came from

Rightway was first formed in 2007. At the beginning, we provided simple wellness interventions such as on-site massage and stress management workshops. Though these were great for staff morale, we soon discovered that to be of real value, we needed to do more. We had to find out how wellbeing could make a difference at a strategic level, to prove there was a business case for it, and to discover exactly what was working in wellness programmes around the world.

So began an eighteen-month research project for company founder Rob Woollen. Drawing on his earlier experiences as a manager in the fast-paced world of construction, Rob examined corporate employee wellbeing programmes across the globe and made direct contact with leading figures in the field in both the public and private sectors.

This initial research sparked an ongoing commitment to evidence-led practice. Having discovered how often organisations waste time and money on initiatives that make no difference, we’re determined to provide effective solutions that tackle the real issues and deliver a genuine return on investment.